Steel Metal completes its trading business by collecting materials from suppliers and delivering it to customers using its own company fleet. All the vehicles have a loading/unloading crane and is authorized to transport special refuse as a registered Waste Disposal company (Authorization no. MI 02693 of 25/06/2012).

more than 20,000 tons/year of material are currently handled in the company; the volumes moved on a daily basis are distributed over some 12,500 sq.m. of uncovered areas and a further 5,000 sq.m. of covered stores. The storage areas comply with the standards of environmental protection according to the law and have regular regional and provincial authorizations (Det. 2052 of 15/07/2008 w/ Det. 3248 of 10/11/2010). The movement operations are carried out with loaders of various kinds and we have equipment for the service of the storage of roll-on/roll-off containers for third parties.

The phases of grading, selection and preparation of the scrap follow rigid operational procedures which guarantee maximum quality of the product supplied. Our customers can always rely on Steel Metal to obtain materials prepared according to the specific needs of the foundry or steelworks.

The typological and dimensional qualification is always followed by stringent quality checks of the materials sold by Steel Metal. The internal testing laboratory, which has always been one of our strong points, is an irreplaceable support in our company philosophy of Product Quality and Customer Service Although the materials procured come exclusively from selected and qualified suppliers, we take random samples daily of the materials procured which are analysed with the help of high technology portable apparatus and instruments such as “Philips” fluorescent spectrometers and “Niton” X ray instruments; the laboratory equipment is completed by the set of more than 500 titred standards of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all the different typologies.